Thursday, March 12, 2009

crunch time

the countdown before the big day (prefinals, yeah, it's a pseudo-big day) begins and i haven't started reviewing/studying/making outlines yet.

we still have a psych project to edit.

i'm definitely particular with time, and the fact that i call my situation early "cramming" definitely pisses me off.

my brain can't function well because i need to sleep.

i'm beginning to think American Idol will be my downfall, and um, as well as the net.

i'm pissed because i haven't started anything yet. i'm pissed because i keep on thinking i don't have time, since i "kind of" still have time!!!!

and i'm pissed 'cause they sentenced the Iraqi shoe thrower 3 years in prison!!!!!

this was supposed to be a totally different entry. but i gave in to my natural instinct to vent. my new haircut must wait another day.

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