Friday, April 03, 2009

catharsis again

i just realized that catharsis can mean many things for different people. it may mean watching a theater play for one and eating ice cream for another.

while i'd prefer deleting my phone's messages every single time i'm angry or melancholic. but this time, i'm deleting it for the sake of slowly ridding myself of excess baggage which includes: anxieties brought about by people who love to whine, anger let loose by those who feel cheated, happiness that should be fleeting, because all good things come to an end, and most of all, the weight of the world succintly expressed by the simple sad face.

yes, one small step towards catharsis. (although, the much needed trip to Davao can't hurt.)


i watched "The Reader" yesterday. i bought it along with "Rachel getting married" for a reasonably cheap price. it was a good thing the group left while we could. the dvd joint was raided by police a few minutes after. Tal had to run inside to get a very confused Rea.haha


Tara said...

lol. wow a

marchie said...

Nangati ako't gusto ko lang sabihin na i love The Reader. Bow.