Thursday, April 16, 2009

an idol saved and Paula being Paula

ooook. so the pregnant silence has finally been broken and the judges' save has been used on Matt Giraud. the problem with his performance wasn't that it lacked charisma but the song wasn't really vote-worthy. i still think it was pitchy at some parts and well, from his track record, he's no stranger to the bottom three so there's definitely something he's not doing right.

Lil on the other hand, could be spared but i don't think she deserves it since clearly she makes stupid song choices and she has a skewed perspective of the concept of injecting her R&B style into songs. 'nuff said

Paula definitely took some notes from the sketches and cartoons made to satirize her lack of, um, substance. she is the best example of faking sobriety at times., and she probably did something about it. BUT NOW, she puts in too much substance that we could replace her with a fortune cookie or a Hallmark card.

i mean, who else says something like "dares to dance in the path of greatness"? or "true genius doesn't meet expectations, it shatters it"? in a cosmic sort of way it obviously makes sense and is complimentary, but a simple, "I loved it!!!!!" would suffice. Simon doesn't understand her most of the time. but of course, she's Paula. one time she judged a performance that hasn't been performed yet, need i say more?

having said that, she reminds me of my health economics teacher right now - lack of substance, unintelligible at parts, and an overall negligible entity.

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MARCHIE. said...

You're still the witty guy, aren't you? :)