Saturday, April 18, 2009

drooling for HP 6

Friends from youtube released Harry Potter and the half-blood prince's 5th trailer and i gotta say, the trailer gave me chills and overall, the scenes looked incredible! the trailer showed more action than what i imagined after reading the book. Was that the Burrow being hit by fire spells? i really didn't see that one coming!!! cinematography at it's best! the movie will be released july 17 and i can't tell how many weeks more until it'll hit Zamboanga's shores. but i have a feeling it'll be worth the wait.

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giselle said...

i've been keeping track of all HP trailers. I CAN'T WAIT!

you should see the Angels and Demons trailer too. I think it's another good movie to look forward to. I hope they don't really sabotage this one like Da Vinci. :))

anyway, HI KUYA G!