Saturday, April 25, 2009

a crappy connection

I just had my internet connection fixed. I thought i wouldn't dial 173 anymore around 3 years ago, when i thought heard the last of pldt dsl's crappy connection. Obviously the scheme of things dictates that every earth-bound thing is flawed, so a crappy connection was bound to rear it's head sooner or later. Apparently Vis-Min experienced server downtime last week, and even if the problem was fixed, a handful were still left with almost-absolute detachment from the internet. It was a good thing that we called, according the the PLDT guy, because they had no way of determining which connections were still defective and PLDT Manila won't entertain the problem.

It took me three days of calling the service rep in order for the problem to be forwarded, reforwarded, rereforwarded and resolved. By the second day I was pretty fed up with the agent asking me the same questions from the status modem to the spelling of my family name. Patience is something I have problems juggling with, but at least the time i would've devoted to facebook was spent exercising with the Bean. I wouldn't call it catharsis, but at the most, a friendly respite. It's not that I don't need the net, but sometimes I get too attached that some things that are worth doing take the back seat.

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