Saturday, May 03, 2008

some sacrifices

we're halfway through summer classes (at least, i hope we are) and we have to sit through exams, demos, return demos and our MIDTERMS. what's so annoying about the whole situation is that i just blew off spending a day with my classmates @ woodland so i could at least, try and study for my History and NCM midterms/examinations. for the latter, we have to endure two more exams (world nursing history and nursing theories, short quiz lang yan) before we actually take the midterms on Saturday next week.

i still have to follow up my Hepa B booster shots and my duty uniform(s).

ain't life just dandy?


in totally unrelated news, my pictures are moving along well...and this one is a favorite..

it's entitled, "off to the health center we go, we go". model: Kristal Apolinario in her RLE uniform. this was shot @ Jad's house.


MARCHIE. said...

Dig the shot big time! :)

Tara said...

love the photo except inappropriate un suot ni tal. hehe