Thursday, May 29, 2008


yesterday, my dad and i went to ciudad to have my titer (antibody concentration) checked. if the digits amount to 0 - 2 (or something), i have to get my booster for hep-B. afterwards, we went to gateway, this new mall here, to buy stuff at adidas. we were supposed to buy only my bag, but my dad told me to pay (since my mom gave me money) for these tennis shorts that are no different from the ones he already has. a funny thing happened while we were there....

dad *holds up a backpack, looks at it meticulously*: miss, anong klaseng bag ito?

saleslady: uh, backpack po sir, adidas.

me: *laughing on the inside* uh...ok.

the titer results should be ready after two hours, but i decided to get it the following day (which happens to be today).

my dad and i were supposed to go get it at around 9 this morning ,but a bomb exploded infront of the airbase (1-2 blocks away from our house) here so bukas nalang.

i slept most of the afternoon away. it was a strategy i employed to wait for my youtube videos to load. the internet connection speed isn't exactly lightning fast, so patience is a virtue. by the time i woke up, only one of the videos managed to load properly, the others stopped halfway. fucking video errors irk me! you know the ones when they stop at around....uh, moving on...

i managed to wolf down sins in the form of BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! yesterday! but i couldn't help it, the BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! were abso-fucking delicious. i seriously have no idea how many calories the BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! have, but right now, i really don't care.

the afternoon air was far from breezy today. the heat wave has been going on for the past few days or so, and i'm just waiting for the rainy season to come to full effect. i wanted to make halo-halo ala the chowking halo-halo way, but the only topping i could add to the shaved ice was the ube thingy, and milk of course, so i settled for squidballs instead. they aren't exactly the "cold, delicious treat that would beat the fucking summer heat away" but they're tasty. now, if only i could find some more BABY RUTH MINIS!!!! stashed somewhere, then i would be a happy camper for the summer, what's left of it anyway.

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