Monday, May 12, 2008


for our history project, we decided to explore the city and take pictures of what Zamboanga has to offer (besides Magay and dirt-cheap stuff), and make a souvenir pamphlet of sorts. last saturday, we explored pasonanca and since we're pressed for time, we have to squeeeze in the city proper and la vista in a single afternoon next time.

here's a sample of what to expect:

in case you're wondering, leonel, the guy in yellow, is holding a yellow balloon.

the composition seems nice, but as if almost every picture i've been taking lately, some minor tweaks have to be made. the things i would do so my parents will buy me a G9. T_T


vickeh said...

ii thought they were playing extreme boomerang XD

you have such cool pictures. dayummet i miss you and everyone else.

has the reunion happened yet?

twistedigest said...

not yet..this saturday though. are u sure you're not going to make a suprise appearance? lmao.

Tara said...

photo's nice. what's a G9?

gio said...

qmbpowershot's like a cross between a point and shoot pati dslr. maganda sya! (for me that is. haha)

vickeh said...

classes here start on wednesday the ff week T_T

cover the photo taking naman :)) capture the moment for the ones who can't be there ;)