Thursday, May 22, 2008

Idol's adieu

today marks the end of another "unusual" AI season. and as much as i want to say it to Jad's face that i demand my 100php and publicly rub it in (much to marko's chagrin) that talent defeats "yumminess" (as he would put it) all the time....let my blog suffice to make my point clear that...

david cook wooooon!!!!

to say that i'm happy right now is an understatement. i'm glad that the rocker won because AI has never had a rocker in its roster of winners. archie would go far though, but still,

DAVID COOK!!!!!!!!!!

now that the caucus that was AI is over (for now), i'm going to go back to my regular, less whiny persona and be the most boring blogger this world has never had.

the two davids get a ford car. i wish i had a car. T_T

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MARCHIE. said...

cook wooon! yeeeey! :)