Monday, June 30, 2008

new skin!

if you've been living under a rock for like, ever, then you probably didn't notice i changed my layout! it's a breath of fresh air from the stuck up blogskin monotony. i downloaded the codes to my layout and tweaked a few things here and there + my little photoshop know how, and viola! instant coolness!

i'm proud of my layout because it serves its purpose as simply something that highlights what this blog is all about: me and my purdy mouth in my brain (you get the idea...i hope).

i'm still in the process of cutting out the rest of the frills. i haven't updated my contacts list yet, and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO ADD A DECENT COMMENT FUNCTION. ignorance is bliss!

i had my first area assignment at Camp Navarro hospital today. on the bus going there, i was as nervous as hell and i was on the verge of tears (and shifting) when the first few choice words our CI used to greet us was: "Pumasok na kayo!" -- in a very "i'm angry and i'm going to kill you" tone. but he softened up as the day went by. right now, i'm kinda enthusiastic about this whole "nurse experience". but maybe i'm just naive that i think it will always be like this. oh well, let's see how things unfold.

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