Friday, June 13, 2008


a few days ago, on the day of my enrollment, my dad went to the NBI to get my clearance. it's a funny story actually. he said it would take three weeks for them to finish my clearance, because, apparently, my name is on the HITLIST. O_O. well, someone whose name shares some similarities with mine. but still...a HITLIST!!!! it's not as if i'm a rapist or a murderer. i'm not sure if being a student warrants a slot on the hitlist. but of course, i am guilty of being capable of murder to the extent of thinking of how good it would be to burn my teacher alive...but i don't think the people at the NBI need to know that. it's annoying because i thought that getting my clearance on time would be the prize i would get for putting up with the grouchy old men who forcefully grab your hand to be inked for fingerprints...but no, God has a sense of humor.

i watched CSI: New York for the first time, and it's the first episode of the 4th season. it was a fairly gripping hour of mystery solving frenzy, with the statue of liberty "bleeding" and a man embalmed with household disinfectant among other things. what caught my attention is when the detectives caught the "killer" (in the end, it turns out he actually wasn't) and he was wearing a shirt i actually own! i bought mine in cebu and the design and color are the same! and my shirt isn't even from penshoppe! i would expect people who sport penshoppe shirts (since the the masa loves them to itsy bitsy bits) to experience this sort of situation, but no, it had to be with a person on TV, thousands of miles away! hahaha

i have a few days left before school. i have to go to the brgy. hall in a while to get my clearance...what fun. T_T


Anonymous said...

wow :))

well you ended up with a cool story/ice breaker

did you get that front/side headshot like keeshia did way waaay back?

twistedigest said...

no...i was like..."uh, what do i do next?"...then the girl was all.."ok, tapos na". wtf?!