Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the happy vibe

I arrived at school at around 9:30 this morning and I saw Keeshia and Alain. Keeshia told me i looked sad (or was it just a synonym of that..). It bugs me because she's not the first person to tell me that. A few days ago, my friend told me the exact same thing. After the examination (which was crappy), i asked my friends if i really give off the gloomy-the world hates me-life sucks - vibe. They told me I often look preoccupied, and my thoughts are somewhere wallowing the the deepest abyss of my heart (deep man.well, no, they really didn't say that).

If that's the case, and if i've been giving off that vibe for weeks, what have people been saying behind my back? lord..are they pitying me???? well, it's just a theory.

The whole sad on the outside vibe must be flowing unintentionally. Like the way Sir Jamel tells Keeshia she unintentionally pouts. Not that i can say the same thing for him though. haha

Anyway, i tried to remedy the situation by actually, get this, smiling all the way to Mindpro. it didn't turn out so well though, lest i be branded as fake, and probably creepy. it's really funny actually, that when i'm with my friends, my funny bone seems to flow naturally, and i really don't have a hard time letting the Me out. ok, this is getting a tad too introspective, but what the heck, i love the attention.

So, now that exams are almost over, i'll start a smile, happy, i love the powerpuff girls campaign, to expose the happy, sunshine-y, optimistic Gio. fuck that. haha. as if that'll ever happen. But the i love the powerpuff girls campaign does sound promising. lol


kisha said...

i cannot believed you smiled all the way to MIndpro gi! haha! i really miss you.. =c

twistedigest said...

actually...i didn't..it didnt work kasi...hahaha

twistedigest said...

miss you too kish! haha..i miss the ADU people...oh well. hehe

the queen said...

come back then! i'll be so alone next year.. haha. we'll be partners til i graduate!