Monday, October 01, 2007

tweet tweet

time flies. tweet tweet.

so much for that. but seriously though, kelan lang ako grumadweyt ng high school, tapos ngayon, matatapos na ang first semester. midterm grades rock, and i hope i could do better sa finals.

dwayne (my lovable stick who's studying sa UK ngayon) and i talked on "the phone" last night. well, it was actually ym, but i seriously couldn't believe how great the signal was! it was like we were in front of each other, talking. well, props go the the UK internet providers, they make life easier for those living in the third world.

so basically we're done with all our lab experiments for the sem, so malamang this week, we're going to have our post lab discussion and probably our moving exam. may aerobics demo kami for pe this friday (kami ang sasayaw), and a mass blood donation on saturday, at the same time, we're going to film our filipino movie - thingy.

the thought of how random im posting makes me giddy. haha

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tara said...

mukhang inenable mo ulit yung commenting thing dito ah... waaaaaaaah... andami kong gusto ikwento i just couldn't find time to blog .. amf.. haha.. basag na rin nga engles ko waaaaaaaaaaaah.. mahirap kasi magsalita ng proper english kasi they'll call you coño, nerd, whatsoever.. kakainis!!!

sana makaupdate na ako soon.,.. miss you supercow :)