Saturday, October 13, 2007

pre-finals shoutout

ok, so this coming monday na finals namin and right now, i'm pissed...

if you're not my classmate....then this isn't for you....

i texted you at around 11:00 am, telling you to send me the pictures via email of our activity. and you replied ok with the usual elipsis. then what time is now? it's friggin' 8:30pm and i haven't studied a damn thing for the finals. it's my fault for having extremely poor time management and a short attention span...

but what do i care if you're in ayala right now attending god knows what...and you live in friggin' mercedes ????????(for those who don't know, ayala and Mercedes are like, the North and south pole)...just send me the fucking pictures right i can be at peace, and move on with my life and study!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn it. i know this is a pathetic retalliation mechanism on my part...using my blog as the outlet for how much i despise you right now...but just be thankful i'm not a trouble making neanderthal who would gladly tell you off right now! but please......grow a spine you troglodyte!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-i was in charge of making a stupid slideshow presentation for NSTP...and the person who's supposed to provide me with 50% of our content decided to leave me hanging...and WAITING. and I HATE WAITING.


---new won't believe this:

"w8 lng inaayos kc ung interent nmn...baka 2mrow q na isEnd...:

---chingga. nevermind, don't useless piece of crap.

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