Thursday, October 25, 2007

hitting the big 100

100 posts ago, i was weird, fat, and young.

well, i still am weird and fat, but the blogger in me has grown so much that i really couldn't consider him young anymore.

100 posts ago, i badly needed a life, an identity, and a hobby. my first feeble attempts at posting something profound were fueled by "copying" the writing styles, as well as the themes of my co-bloggers' posts. i was seriously afflicted with the "blog inferiority complex"

but right now, i seriously don't need to visit another blog to think of something to write about. my writing style met personality, and they clicked from the get go. blogging become an addiction that, well, is addictive. lol.

100 posts ago, i was a junior who was enticed by the blog hype.

so i made my blog. but after a few posts, i was struck with the "one post syndrome"; the state of blogger stagnation, where the thrill of blogging faded after the momentous clicking of the "Publish" button.

but i didn't want to do that. i needed a hobby; an alternate identity. so after resolving my issues with center, clarity, peace, and serenity, my blog and i went on our merry way.

100 posts later, and i could probably say what a "merry way" it was.

100 posts later, maybe the blog hype reached a point where it's not exactly a hype anymore, but my blog still stands.

100 posts later, the writer's imperfections have probably seeped into his blog, but that doesn't stop him from posting on and on. sure, i could never be the great blogger who wins awards, but who said i should be?

100 posts later, and here YOU are, reading these words.

whether you've been a reader from the beginning, or maybe you just managed to blog hop your way here (--and still still still reading these, THANKS, because in one way or the other,

a blogger was born.


shiveena said...

go gio! hahahaha! happy 100th pos! :D

twistedigest said...

awwwww...thanks shivs. :D. it means a lot..

Tara said...

qcongrats sa 100th post :)

twistedigest said...

thanks tar..:)

giselle said...

heeeeeeeeeey! you're NOT fat.

happy 100th post!