Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the big 50

"If I remember it correctly, my childhood, the memories I have with me ever since I could remember, were spent in the loving arms of my grandparents. I guess, I could say that a big part of my childhood consisted of me spending time with my grandparents. Grandpa would make me wear his ten gallon hats he got from Texas, drive me around town and take pictures of me. I would always remember Grandma as the very energetic Avon lady, and still, has time to scold me for going inside the house with muddy feet. My grandma is very particular about the cleanliness of the house, and she would always flinch when she saw how messy the house looked. Grandpa used to buy me toys when my parents said no. and I would always go with him to the department store, and pick out the toy that I wanted. During the Christmas seasons, the living room would always be full of gifts that grandma and her secretaries would wrap for her f.d.’s. Those were the things that come to mind whenever I thought of my grandparents. My childhood would never be the same without them. both of them, showered the family with so much love and care that on my part, I really didn’t think I deserved it all. Being religious, it was not a habit but already a lifestyle for them to attend mass every morning. So, I’m taking this opportunity to thank both of you, for being the loving grandparents that you are. Being supportive, being a good role model for me. Thank you, for striving so hard to earn a living, and in the end, giving your family a bright future. Sometimes I even wonder how you did it. It’s like nothing is impossible for you two. And so, every new year, when you count down the years, months, weeks and days, at last, we’re finally going to celebrate this day. A testament to the love you kept alive in your hearts. Without a doubt, when God decided to bring you two together, He didn’t think of anyone else better. Just remember that age is only a number, you can be 80, but that won’t stop you from living life to the fullest. Both of you deserve this day. We love you. Here’s to the next fifty years."

...My maternal grandparent's celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last Saturday, June 3, 2006. This was the speech I made for them. I never got to read this, I lost the hardcopy at the reception, and I had to make a new one from scratch, since, I forgot it's contents. And I guess, they liked my new speech even better.

...The wedding was really beautiful...and the reception was so grand. I really don't know how to describe it properly! My grandfather's relatives came from Canada and they were the ones obsessed with ballroom dancing, so when the dancing started, they danced the night away. This was taken when they arrived at our house.

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...My grandparents have four children, two of them are already nurses in Texas, and they kind of persuaded me to take Nursing as my course in college, and I guess they were right. Nursing really sounds good right now ( according to them). The other two, my mom and uncle, are here in Zamboanga right now (they have no intention of going emigrating).

...We had t-shirts!

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After all the planning, everything was worth it...everything was just so perfect.

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the cake

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kisha said...

ako ay naiyak sa kagandahan ng iyong speech gio!! its just so precious...

i fought with my lolo today.. and you made me feel guilty (that's saying something).. you're right grandparents are indeed one of gods best gifts. i think i'll apologize now.

thanks gio! :D

Claude said...

nice speech.. too bad you didnt get to read it...

when my grandparents had their golden wedding anniversary.. i didnt have a blog yet.. or maybe blogs weren't there yet.. and i also didnt have a personal computer and internet connection at home... lucky you you got to share the beauty of your grandparents to us(fellow bloggers)..


augustana said...

ur lucky u wer given the chance to spend sum time with ur grandparents. :) btw, i've kept my latest entry and sum other entries to "friends only". Gist is, I found out that my cuz never really left fer the states. Praning. Pinagtritripan ako. Newei. I decided to change the theme of my blog. No more cuzin entries. I'll keep the old entries to private na. I nid to turn a new chapter in my life. I need a new, easy to read layout too. (kinda need sum help on that department)

Jhed said...

Your speech rocks, G! Too bad, hindi narinig ng grandparents mo yung speech mo, but at least they liked your new speech.

Oh, and congrats to your grandmama and grandpapa! To the next 50 years!


twistedigest said...

kish, i'm sorry if naapektuhan ka talaga..but it's good that you'll apologize with your lolo...

diba..nakakaiyak? thank goodness di ako umiyak sa actual speech ko..pero nung ginagawa ko 'to...di ko mapiliglan!

i've given up fighting with my grandparents years ago..walang mapapala eh..they're already old..you can't blame them for acting that way. :)

twistedigest said...

i had to share it eh..kaya di muna ako naguupdate kasi i wanted this to be a "grand post". :)

have fun sa davao!

twistedigest said...

good luck on both ideas!!!!!! asahan mo na i'll try my best to be a regular!

sheesh, all that worrying for nothing..well..are you happy that your cuz is still here????

twistedigest said...

thanks jhed!!!! i forgot lang to tell them that age is only a number..that should've been my conclusion..but a new one popped in my head and it was so touching when i said it...:)

giselle said...

waaaa! ganda ng speech!

my grandparents celebrated their golden anniversary 2 years ago. my bro, ate and i made a presentation how they both met blah blah blah. haha.

i don't know my grandparents that much. i don't get along with my lola that much (kahit na 1 day difference lang birthdays namin. haha). same as my lolo. i dunno.

my lolo used to smoke a lot. now he can barely walk because of emphysema. my lola. ANNOYING. haha.

i'm such an evil grandchild.

TARA! yan attend yo el golden anniv de ustedes grandparents diba? haha! bale kel!

twistedigest said...

hey, wag ka ganyan...kahit na they're mean to you..respect mo nalang sila kahit ganun sila kasi matanda na yun....plus, you really wouldn't want them to go with a heavy heart diba?

parehas lang tayo..my grandma's annoying din..pero she's really funny..we make fun of her..hehe. evil diba? the stories i could tell.....

mystic rouge said...

i love my lola a lot. she was the one who brought me up. ü

siya na ang lola/mom/dad/lolo ko.

and i love that you love your grand parents.

mabuhay and mga lolo at lola! ü

twistedigest said...

here here!!!!

.marchie. said...

` huw0w! kaka-laglag panga ah. *kindat. isa na lan grandparent q, l0la q sa maternal side. kas0 d kame cl0se. mej0 sungit eh except d0n sa fave niang mga ap0. >_< per0 ay0s lan. lab q pa ren sia kahet papan0.

` nga pala. di k0 na-gets tan0ng mu b0ut d upcat thing. hehe. *t0inks!

twistedigest said...

oh..yun? hehe..tinatanong ko lang kung saan kayo nagrereview for upcat..hehe..curious lang kasi gusto ko rin mag review..kaso..yung malapit na review center dito sa amin..for college lang...and wala na akong alam na ibang lugar na nagbibigay ng upcat reviews..or kahit anong reviews for college...hehe..di kasi ako lumalabas masyado. lol