Saturday, August 09, 2008

one-liners and the olympics

riez and gio looks at jam's jeans

riez: "jam, fake yang Calvin Klein jeans mo?"

jam thinks for a nanosecond

jam: "no, it's true"

(not the answer we were expecting. )LMAO! sigh, candid remarks make my day.

since photobucket is down, i guess i have nothing better to do than hit the sack. it's been a rough week.

My dad and i watched the weightlifting and swimming (sorry, i don't know the right term..) competition of the Beijing olympics. i watched how Phelps broke the record for something which i couldn't articulate right now...(it's not my niche to talk, much less, blog about sports...the whole shebang being "thrilling" notwithstanding)

since my "peoples" couldn't stop talking about the greatest spectacle on earth which was the opening ceremony, and youtube is love, i'm going to watch it tomorrow. like i said, i'm sleepy.

there are some interesting things i want to blog about, but at the top of my head, what i do want to do right now is think of concepts for a new photo folio that i'm FINALLY(?) going to take seriously. and i'm still looking for inspiration. i don't want to give the impression that i'm unoriginal (which i am, in most cases, haha) i want it to be...i dunno....original? :)

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