Friday, August 22, 2008

operation hikug

i've just finished torturing myself with another vicious round of "the guilty game!"

phase 2 of operation hikug: "make gio feel miserable when the midterms are over"---- has been executed, and i must say, Paber has outdone himself. well, maybe not. for the record, i did study. it's just that i might have overlooked a few items (or thirty!) on my outline. Sir E gave a fairly easy exam, but overlooking significant scripture passages was my downfall.

phase 3 and 4 aren't exactly part of operation hikug. 3 (Zoo) doesn't really scare me that much since my grades are resting on safe at the moment. the fiasco of phase 4 (Nutri ala Dolly) can still be prevented if i actually manage to read my notes. let's just put it this way: i usually elevate cramming to an artform, but not this time. i've lost my touch, in studying and in cramming. and i'm paying the price for my overconfidence with Paber looking at me with incomprehensible smugness. and there's me..crying in the corner! hahaha

but as soon as the midterms are over, i would like to think it would allow me to start over with a clean slate - for real this time. i know i've said this time and time again...even i'm sick of myself but maybe this time around - things will go my way.

a clean have no idea how good that sounds.


my laptop who recently died on me, has taken my other files to the perpetual graveyard of oversized paperweights. my pictures, my iTunes, my PDFs!!! but my mom told me she'll bring it to the albularyo to retrieve it's...whatever it has.

believe me, i have a lot of things to blog Tal's debut, my renewed longing for the Mmmbop! song, venting anger about theMOA-AD, and the IAMNinoy movement, but a lot of things that haven't been going my way...consider my lack of significant updates one of it.

so, let's have a moment of silence for my fat soul...i hope he finds what he's been looking for.

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