Friday, August 01, 2008

today's piece of insanity



a funny thing happened today:

i crammed two LOOONNGGG chapters of microbiology crap into a few hours, give or take...

only to find out that i probably failed the exams (yes, 2 sets). *sigh*


i still haven't bought my judogi(sp?). it's a good thing the practical exam we have next week would be about falling pa lang. i'm watching pokemon with my cousins, and i plan to finish the gossipgirl dvd tonight! yes, i know it's a boring life, but it's simply a natural balance. you have people like Chuck Bass, and you have people like me.

a friend of mine is considering (even the slightest bit) leaving the nursing nest to pursue other interests. similar feelings have been brewing (or simmering, which ever tickles your fancy) in my head for a while now, so i was surprised to find out i'm not the only one, as the table discussion turned into one of those solitary Survivor know, the part where the pretentious castaways tell the camera man their hidden agendas. someone remarked that it was normal for us to feel that way...i beg to differ.

my mom doesn't take me seriously though, even if i do tell her i've had enough. oh well, at least i kinda know when it's time for me to call it quits the sane way...without you finding me in a toilet stall with a bleeding wrist. i think.

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