Sunday, August 24, 2008

the O Files: "peanuts"

i couldn't help it. i just couldn't.

let's remember the good old days of third grade, where we would usually play "out-out" (yes, looking back, it was very very entertaining..). where petty fights between friends escalated into a full-time drama fest complete with divine intervention from the guidance office. where fights from real rivals meant taking sides. where we used to suck up to the teachers, inviting them to your parties so you could get the attention and the grade to match your gmrc. where nothing could be more blasphemous than saying the word "peste" (at least, in my case...)

so where am i going with this? let's just say that to a third grader during my time...things that are really commonplace today would be considered R-18 in 1999.

like this one....

(for a quick laugh, just watch it! it lasts only a minute and a half...)

it features Clarissa (M. Hart) and Sam (S. O'Neal) having a riveting discussion about "peanuts". seriously. listen to it really hard and you'll hear the difference. but at the first register, um, it says otherwise.

for the record, i didn't even know what a penis was when i was in third grade. (go ahead and laugh). and when i finally found out the "scientific" nomenclature for the "dick", i pronounced it as "pen-neees". LMAO. yes, it's spilling your guts time!!!!!

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