Thursday, August 28, 2008


i didn't have any class today since...well, the aftermath of the midterms has made the teachers all tamad.

but the day wasn't totally unproductive.

i went to the local print shop to have our (yes, it's supposed to be a group effort which i did by myself, but it's fine since i liked what i did) food exchange list visual aid/tarp printed for Nutri ala Dolly.

afterwards, my mom and i met up at BDO to open my first ATM account. my ignorance with everything bank related stretched as far as being unable to get their ballpen from the holder. (diba they're always a staple in banks?). and my mom told me what to write, and so i did..with sweaty palms. hahaha

then we headed to PLDT to inquire about this new internet plan where you get a telephone with the package. but in the end, both of us opted to stick with our existing plan, since the lady told us (with a slight lisp) it wasn't advisable since it's slower than what we have right now.

then we had lunch at the nearby dimsum joint, Jollice. i swear, they still serve the best food with no frills and gimicks whatsoever. there's something about their no-nonsense preparation that's so's really charming. i love their siomai! my mom ordered two servings since one wasn't enough for me. on top of it all, i still had an extra serving of rice with my porkchop.

good lord, there goes my waistline.

and i plan to finish my Avatar episodes tonight. i'm already at chapter sixteen and the series has been building up momentum, leading to a ginormous climax that i have yet to watch. haha-- i'm a nerd, i know.

here's the trailer

it's nice! seriously.

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