Friday, February 29, 2008

a useless day

this was one of the weirdest/worst days i have ever experienced.

i almost dosed off for the nth time during chemlec, i wore my glasses to school since i had only two hours of sleep, our group had to give survey questionnaires to two third year classes filled with people i seriously don't know (the experience was weird, by my standards), and last but not the least, i just woke up a few minutes ago (it's around 7:15 pm here), after a three hour snooze, and me sleeping meant missing our last dance practice before tomorrow. what promised to be a 20 minute siesta (where i would go to school as soon as i would wake up) turned out to be a 3 hour snooze, and trust me, it felt great to sleep again! though i feel bad for my partner, who actually went through the whole ordeal dancing alone. ok, that sounded pathetic.

today is one of the few occasions where i had actually observed abstinece. my brunch simply meant drinking a bottle of Lipton tea, while my afternoon snack was an extremely tasty little cake from myrna's (which probably meant a kajillion calories), and dinner a few minutes ago was a tiny bowl of sinigang, and a few spoonfulls of fish. by a few, i mean around 5.

i should seriously update the other blog (for our research paper). but, later na. haha

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