Sunday, February 24, 2008

weird things

three posts in a row. wow. I MUST HAVE A LOT OF TIME ON HAND.

not really. i had to practically hide my planner under the piles and piles of paper on my desk so i won't feel guilty for slacking off. well, i'm actually slacking off right now, but whatever. haha

weird things i noticed today:

1. my big little (haha) cousin of 8 years loves to play with the powerpuff girls toys you buy at jollibee. he's a boy btw.

2. mom has this habit of talking really loud when she's ordering fastfood at jollibee. i shudder to think what people are saying.

so anyway, i came home after a grueling mid-morning - mid - afternoon practice session with my blockmates. it's for a dance presentation for PE. the only consolation i have (since I HATE PE), is the fact that i have an excuse to buy nice clothes. my feet hurt from all the dancing.

i plan to sleep early yet again. i am so going downhill. a lab report on lipids is practically screaming at me to type it. am i making sense? haha

Ugly ABS-CBN sunday sitcoms need to be burned. Along with Gretchen Barreto. why? because she's Gretchen Barreto. period. haha

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