Saturday, February 23, 2008

the things i wanna do (and a lttile bit of Bora along the way)

i finally have time. TIME, people. time to fix my blog (direct your eyes towards your left). time to watch TV properly. time to channel surf. time to actually do nothing. and it seriously feels good!!!!!

mom and grandma came home from Bora a few hours ago. the lucky souls. mom didn't really dive into the details of the trip, since she was dead tired (i wonder how grandma's doing. haha), but she did give me a cookie tin full of Bora sand!, ref magnets and a bora muscle shirt...haha...ok, so i'm a sucker for travel souvenirs. sue me.

so since i've been talking about..practically what happened today...i'm thinking of two things to do to revamp my blog:

a. make a new banner
b. change my blog URL
c. clean my links..and get rid of the useless ones.

wait, so that makes three things. pfft. anyway, i'm a bit groggy already, so, i'll be hitting the sack in a few minutes. but at least i had the time to update bloggy, so that counts as something productive.

wait a minute!!! i just remembered something....


as far as i can tell from his songs , this guy's great. you probably heard his song on American Idol. click on the link to get to know more of Ferras' music.


Shiveena said...

awww. Congrats, gio!!!!!!! :D

angel said...

seems like i havent been here in a while.. dami updates ah.. while the rest of you go on vacation.. i begin work.. hehe..

chucks mo un sa side? un sa pic?

angel said...

this is tara btw..