Monday, February 04, 2008

delusional. (updated version)

sometimes you just need a single picture to say it all.

but not this time. there's a great deal to tell.

but with everything that has been going on, let's reserve the storytelling for a later date. :)

and people. today is THAT later date. it took me a while to update this post since immediateley after my birthday, i was bombarded with everything (well, not exactly everything) the firggin' NAT to the order from my teacher that i have to debate in an upcoming competition.

so, enough about that. anyway, on the day of my birthday, i was actually at home reviewing (pamparon!!!! haha), for the NAT, when Condoleeza (sp?) Rice (the new yaya. my mom calls her that) knocked on door, and told me people were looking for me. Puzzled, and somehow wishfully thinking that tama nga hula ko, i went downstairs and was relatively surprised to see Riez, Jad, Jam and Floyd outside, with balloons and a cake from Myrna's.

I had the feeling they would surprise me at home (how that happened, is another story to tell). This was seriously the best birthday surprise ever...well, no one ever surprised me before (though i vaguely remember i wanted a surprise birthday bash for my 5th birthday).

anyhoo, Floyd bought the cake (siya lang yung galing school. haha). But they picked the best time to arrive, since a few minutes after, people from Seafood house brought the food for dinner. I remember telling my mom that i wanted an intimate dinner filled with good food and the company of the immediate family, but i didn't complain when they helped us devour the food. (seafood house has a package consisting of 5 courses good for 15 people. they serve good food. look them up. haha).

that's us in the living room, posing for a snapshot whilst watching Wheel of fortune.

Camille, Juneth, and Yana also sent their gift (all the way from manila) the day after. Graphic shirts from WeWillDoodle and Branded!!!!!!!!!! i was ecstatic!!! It made my day, especially after taking the NAT. i was seriously drained. but lo and behold, the package was on my study table when i arrived...

i actually thought, judging by the size and shape of the box, it was a jigsaw puzzle. haha. it was of course, better than a jigsaw puzzle.


i wore the WeWillDoodle one last Friday. I'm still waiting for the right time to wear the "Libre Hipo" (with a hippo below the phrase) shirt. haha.

So i'm officically 17 (gasp!). Yes, Virginia, I'm still 17. and so far, things kick ass!!!!


i h r a said...

hi gio. :] happy birthday! :D

Tara said...

belated gi :)

Lyza said...

belated happy birthday to you!

Tara said...

i was talking to riez a few minutes before she left to go to your house to surprise you and so as with camille a few hours before they went to mail your bday gft. hehe funny.