Thursday, July 30, 2009

one-liners of my life

remember the momentum i was banking on? well today i just felt the sudden urge to blog again. i'm going to go all twitter and condense my thoughts into one (or two)-liners:

1. third year life is killing me.

2. being EIC isn't easy and sometimes i wonder what the hell i'm doing and doing wrong.

3. i failed an RS exam. AN RS EXAM!!!!

4. i was late for english and they had an exam. i was able to start at number 11 of a 15 item exam. naturally i failed gracefully.

5. i'm not happy with what happened (3 & 4) but i can't hide the fact that i'm giddy that i'm not killing myself over that. failure can be refreshing pala!!!!

6. shit! i haven't committed to memory the piece for our choral!

phew. that was hard. haha


Dee said...

wow you're the EIC? of Beacon newspaper ba? or something else?

G said...

beacon newsmag. :)

Dee said...

wow. galing galing. :)