Saturday, May 06, 2006



I have already chosen the top 3 courses I want to take up for college! At long last.
  • ACCOUNTANCY ( or Commerce or any course that deals with the subject)

top 4: MassCom

top5: Journalism

top6: Political Science (though I'm not that well versed on the matter)

I also have my list of the top schools I want to go to for college

  • ADMU (my biggest ambition)
  • UP (new horizons (?) )
  • UST (a great choice for nursing or medicine)
  • Cebu Doctors University (an option to Manila and a great option at that)
  • ADZU (my parent's choice, andito na ako eh)

After weeks of thinking, I'm glad that I've finally chosen. Now, here's my problem now: Which one to choose. My parent's say that just to take up Nursing here in ADZU would be the best way out of here. Yeah, I agree, but I'm not sure if I just want to stick to ADZU. It's a feeling I just can't explain. I want to study in Manila or Cebu for me to teach myself something my parents never allowed me to learn: Independence and Budgeting (I kind of suck at that). And possibly, better education. I just feel that new opportunities are waiting for me there. (But I'm still confused as to which is the better choice for me)..But I'm still an incoming senior. A lot of things can change in a year.



ie said...

go to u.p. ha ha. biased.

i think you sure reevaluate your dreams or ambitions. add that to the things that you like most doing. i'm sure you can find a way out of this mess.

pero tama ka, i learned a lot about living life as an "adult" when i got separated from my parents. living in my parents house make me feel that i'm still a little kid. always. :]

g said...

it's not that i dont enjoy being pampered (only child kasi)...i just want to experience what people actually experience alone...real life. :)

But i'm really not sure if living life as an adult alone in Manila or Cebu or wherever will actually build me as a person.

Parang schizo and isip ko no?

gari said...

oh boy,

go pack your bags and get your ticket and study somewhere else out of the zamboanga peninsula.

new horizon, new perspective and new experience and new school tradition.


g said...
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G said...

you really think so? i'm still considering. haha. But i guess you're right.

CLAUDE said...

hmmmm... buti ka pa may choices and decided na ng konti.. i didnt know you had plans in including accoutancy ang polsci in your list...

im desperate to get to ADMU

G said...'s like the school we all secretly hope to naman dun. :)

giselle said...

hi kuya!

nice. what's your premed for medicine?

btw, if you're really taking up medicine, UP manila is the best school (for me) plus i went there many times na. haha. it's a great place. ang bait ng mga tao dun. katakot lang mga doctors pag resident ka na sa pgh. haha.

sa nursing, i don't know anong magandang school dyan. but i think it's still UP manila.

andito pala! me nahanap ako:

top nursing schools:
1 UP-Manila 100%
2 St. Paul College-Iloilo 99.57%
3 Silliman University - Dumaguete City 98.39
4 West Visayas State University 97.06%
5 University of Santo Tomas Manila 96.67%
6 Saint Louis University - Baguio City 95.05
7 Mindanao State University Marawi City 95.0%
8 St. Paul College-Dumaguete City 93.38
9 Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Maynila 92.53%
10 SAINT MARY'S UNIVERSITY - Bayombong 91.02%
11 St. Paul College-Manila 90.81%
12 University of the East-Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Center 90.57%


but my ate studies in st paul manila. co-ed naman sila ngayon ah. run by nuns.

admu's nice rin. suuuper dami rich kids pati anak ng celebs. hehe

Kuya G said...

hala, nag effort talaga! haha THANK YOU GISELLE!

augustana said...

Are u takin up the inter-med course or are you takin up a pre-med first? Hey, thanks for reading my entries... Ima simply go crazy if not for yer comments...

G said...

The funny thing is...i don't have any idea what pre-med and inter0med is!

giselle said...

*butting in*

you need to take pre-med courses (ung mga bs thingies)..preparatory ba. parang jr prep and sr prep. haha. if you take pre-med, 8 years kasi 4 years pre-med, tas another 4 years for med.

if intermed, it's for SUPER GENIUSES kasi they pick ung mga super genius...deretso na un med. no need for premed. 7 years lang siya.

G said...

crap...uhh..mahirap un ah.

usame said...

pag may nag bblog about courses tapos may plan... kinakabahan ako, haha! well anyway, maganda yung iniisip mo na lumipat para matuto ng independence at pag bubuget kasi after college, yan ang kailangan mo! mas mahirap kung all of a sudden ikaw nalang ang nagsusustento sa sarili mo pagkatapos you have no clue what to do.

Mahirap... lahat mahirap... haha! nakakatakot ang mundo kapag lumaki na... talagang dapat maging responsible... haha! Ang gusto kong school... admu o kaya u.p. yun palang yung plano ko haha!

Well kung ano mang piliin mo, goodluck! Kaya mo yan! ^o^

myke said...

u.p. !!!

you'll learn more for sure.
more friends and more enemies to meet.

about your course, follow your bliss.;)

gen said...

oh pare. ateneo's so the way to go!

its so much (much much) better than rotting, and i mean that in the literal sense, there in ADZU. its not that i think people in adzu suck, its just that admu moulds people to be better equipped in handling the real life. and given na only child ka, the more you should. to get rid of the pampered factor at least.

oh, btw, bout the nursing thing, that's what my parents said too, but then retrogression is catching up with the demand, and by the time you grad from nursing, everybody would've too. masasaturate na rin yan.

steneo ka na. this is the life, take it from me. i know.

ps: kung magmemed ka, USTe ka na.:D

LiLaC said...

hi! i got here through flisha's blog. we're best of friends. i can't help but comment on this college decision of yours. ako din gusto kong umalis ng zc non but d namin afford kaya i got stuck there. hahaha. pero after graduation i made sure to leave talaga. to expeirnce independence, din nga, like you. kaya andito na ako sa makati now. you're right, you'll never learn true independence while ur still living with ur parents. kaya if afford nyo, then go! ang sarap ng buhay independent. hehe.

g said...

you think so? right now, i'm having second thoughts about independence. haha

LiLaC said...

yeah. independence is a blast. =p but i suppose it depends on the person. if you're the type who depend so much on your parents and like it, then maybe not.

aahhhron said...

UP! UP! UP! biased ko. hehe