Thursday, February 03, 2011

New Year

It's a few hours before I turn 20, and suffice to say I'll probably be awake once the clock strikes 12. I'll be spending my first few hours in the health center since I have my duty there - the graveyard shift. 

My blog's officially 5 years old, and what better way to celebrate than to change its layout and all? Yes, I am the perennial dork. Last year, I wanted to change my blog's skin because I felt the need to start over. I made a difficult shift in priorities than resulted in, well, a major change in my life as a student. Well, it's no big deal now, looking back. Since not once did I regret leaving my publication, where I was once the EIC. 

Now, I wanted a new change to welcome another shift in my life - in a few months I'll be leaving school to become whatever it is I want to/can/should be. I'm not sure which is which though. But the point is, I am probably one foot through the door of "formal adulthood" as of the moment. And, I am probably leaving behind the badge of "the whiny kid blogger" because I have a feeling I want to really really really blog for real now. I want my blog to really focus on what I really like to talk about - food, photography and humor. Well, I'll still post whatever youtube video I like, but at least I'm holding on to a stable identity...after 5 years of blogging on everything under the sun. 

It's been a slow, shaky and uncertain pace for me through the years. And I think I’ve finally found the foothold I’ve been looking for.

Let’s see where the next decade takes us, shall we? 

Oh, and today's Chinese New Year, so...there's a cause for celebration. :)


Dee said...

happy birthday!!!!!!

love love love this new template! i love the font of the text, what is it? i also love the title font. great choice! (makes me wanna change templates too. hmmmm!!!

G said...

THANK YOU!!! i think it's verdana or calibri! basta blogger makes it simpler naman kasi all of this..i did sa blogger. hehehe. parang ginaya na nila sa wordpress, which makes it less likely for me to transfer there. haha