Friday, August 11, 2006

"hell made humanly tangible"

Yeah, I know that in the lives of students who ignorantly go through life full of squashed, mangled, pummled and sauteed dreams, there are weeks you can classify as "hell made humanly tangible". As for me, I have 7 - 8 months of that crapfest. Seriously!!!!!!!! Yesterday, I had a cough, then it led to "me not having to talk". Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt! Really, the sensation feels like somone's choking you to death, one pathetic word at a time. And this was the week where we tallied and counted the votes for our student government. Esshh, late nights, groggy mornings. F***.

On a sweet (and sour) note, I'm already the vice-president of three organizations (our Debate varsity,YCLC (Youth Christian Life Community) and ITS (formerly Computer Club)). But I knew from the start that pain comes with the get ready for my up to date ramblings (kisha!!!!!).

And that's not all, I have a commercial project to shoot, three papers to make, two long exams to study for Monday (Morality and free-fall) and of course, a party to attend tomorrow. Regarding the UPCAT......*no comment*
but at least there's a consolation. :)

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Anonymous said...

Jb's par-tay, right?

:) Congrats for being in the top ten and shizz.

Why won't you apply for the Blue Eagle - Shiveena *cough* We need more people like j00 ^_^.

By the way, are your pictures on the net? Pahingi naman ng url :3


Jhed said...

Woot! Congrats. Ayun sa comment sa taas, nasa Top 10 ka. Haha! I never made it to the Top 10 nung ako'y nasa HS. Grrrr.

Anyway, matagal na yun. So, yeah.. good luck sa mga projects and endeavors mo. ;)

twistedigest said...

vicky: i've asked them..they wont accept me. the bastards. lol.

about the pictures, i'm making an album and when i have time, i'll send them to the people. ^_^

twistedigest said...

jhed: salamat! you're right, it'll fade after a while, so i'm not making it a big deal * 100. ^_^ hahahaha

iamyourgod said...


im so proud of you , Cow !


-your God

twistedigest said...

thank you god!!!

you made me that way..remember?


kisha said...




join the blue eagle!!! please!!! another club won't hurt you!! T_T

vice president of three clubs! you'll be busy!

twistedigest said...

crazy keeshia!!!! um, actually, shivs won't take me...i turned down her offer last year eh..and plus, i can't handle the pressure (trust me, i've already experienced it).

but ngayon, NAGSISISI AKO!!!!!!

kisha said...

aNong turNed dOwn heR oFfer?! EVIL!!! tapos ung nasa high school pa ako!!!


twistedigest said...

hala..nag-senti! plus...she just asked me to make an editorial cartoon for valentines was impromptu..and she was in a rush, and she was already hysterical...for more than one reason.

did i offend you?! churee if i did. ^_^