Sunday, August 20, 2006

Resurrection (never!!!!)

I'm so annoyed right now. Really, I can't think straight.

I don't know how to spell. I dont know how to spell.

So, a few minutes ago (before i rushed to the toilet ^_^), I was minding my own business, browsing through my friendster page, looking at the hapless people who post really embarassing and annoying stuff in their so called "blogs", I noticed a new testimonial. An old grade school classmate (pre-school, now that you think about it) gave me a testi. And what *I can't find the specific word* me was the fact that the person addressed me by my disowned nickname. Really, when i fill up application forms, i dont write *expletive*, but simply, Gio. I've abandoned that name since the day i realized that it was annoying to the ears. And what really annoyed me (THAT'S THE WORD!!!) was the fact that it kind of resurrected the animosity i had with my old school. I hated my grade school. It made me feel uncomfortable, unwanted, and most of all, annoyed. It was the typical school full of fame-ignorant people who, after graduation, leave, wishing for a grand reunion of "chums" when the time is right. I don't want a reunion...I have a life now!!!!

And the other thing is I've changed. I'm not the person who has the annoying voice, who makes awkward mistakes. I'm ME, for the first time in my life, I've found my identity which no mediocre grade school can teach me. I am neither the most cheerful person in the world, nor the most emo-ish. But in a larger sense, when those people say "I hope you stay the same" over and over, i'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I have changed. I'm riding the waves of the NOW, not the YESTERDAY nor the TOMORROW. Don't bring back the old me. He died as soon as he learned that there was a life beyond autographs and ignorance after all.

*Don't get me wrong. I could never deny the fact that i never regretted attending that school. Up until my third grade, I was happy. Really happy. And I'm not angry at my old classmate. It's good to get in touch with people who sat with you during recess and fought for the right to use the burnt sienna (the first complicated color I could pronounce) crayon. ^_^


kiSha- supreme overlord said...

hmmm.. sometimes if you want to change you have to leave things behind... moving on means leaving people behind..

haaayyy.. but it's somewhat nice to visit who you were once upon a time.. don't stress over it dear.. it's over.. you're over it.. hihi.. n_n

yours is burnt sienna pala.. mine is chartreuse! haha!

twistedigest said...

ohh..first time kong narinig yan!!! must have bought the crayola's in the big box they come in, yun..ang daming mga new colors!

it's good of u to visit kisha!!!! thank you!

iamyourgod said...


hmmm... i wonder what that nick is... i might as well as tita ruby.. hehe.. :P

this one's nice.. its nice to know you've discovered your identity too... hehe :)

luv yah! :)

twistedigest said...

luv yah too god! or should i say *********! lol.

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