Friday, October 20, 2006

random spits. dedicated to the hobby i miss the most: blogging

Give me a reason to shoot myself. No, scratch that, i probably have more reasons than you could think of. Let me start off by saying I MISSED POSTING!!!!!!!

for a moment there, it felt like my blogging identity has been fading away, every stupid time i felt like blogging but can't due to the constant nagging that my schizo self blurts out. Scratch that, the naggings are called FREUD SLIPS...haha..the things you learn in morality.

How's life? Let's just say every evil thing in this world has been condensed into this 50 - minute timeframe called Composition 4, Physics, and all the evil subjects i'm forced to attend. Let's just say that all the evil English teachers in the world have been condensed into this old, forgotten, and varicose vein riddled old lady who never stops giving us 40 item quizzes....isumpa ka betch.

On the brighter side of things.....

Our moderator, Sir Monty and the rest of us jogged along the Lunzuran road. Haha, i was really tired and sweaty from all that jogging but it was worth every pant. I actually felt that i lost a few

The last time i went to a check up, my mass (weight is actually your mass * 9.8 m/s squared) was around **-ish...but when i went to have my check up at the school clinic, it went up to like 7 kilos!!!! crap!!!!!!!!! I swear, the machine's broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What else....?

Ooh, I've been cursed to endure two days of consecutive third places in the talumpatian and extemporaneous speaking contest,respectively, with the latter being today. ***I could expound on the rationale of this later***

Our class (and the rest of the senior classes) celebrated the "Ancient Culture Festival". Our diorama was about "The Olympians and the Titans". It was uber-cool! Fr. Bill even asked the class to restage it! And really, with respect to our class, and my pride and dignity as the Head for Props, we were the best. No questions asked. Haha. We even heard it straight from the horse's mouth, that if it were a contest, the grandslam victory would go to us. haha. beat that. Braggy much? haha. *****more pictures later! you shouldn't miss it!****

Then, Our group for the Filipino Sabayang-pagbigkas got a 98(the highest)! So, at least the sweat and grime were worth it....The title? "Ang Bungo" and the banner pic was taken after we performed. hihi

Now, since the periodical exams are next week, then most of my days during the semestral break will be devoted to research work (considering that the library, WHICH HAS ALL MY BOOKS, will be closed during that time), I'm really gonna go crazy

in a matter of months, i'm really not sure if i'm going to survive....everything's killing me. everything that i've experienced now assured me that my school life right now isn't always hell made humanly possible...but a mix of the good and the bad.

if you are reading this line, this probably means that you've read the whole THANK YOU...

it feels good to blog again.

My absense from the world was really due to the work load being piled up. For the record, i was on a forced hiatus.


egotuideo said...

hmmmmmmmmm.. first comment! weeeeeeeee! love your post.. and love the banner .. :D... hmmm ...

welll , GOod luck to both of us.. or say we seniors... its sure a long way to go :)


twistedigest said...

yep yep! it really feels goooood to post again!

kisha said...

GIO!!! i've been estranged to the internet for such a long time!! i miss you!

hahaha!! sem break was iisdc time.. ung books from the library i borrowed tapos dinala ko sa manila!! hahaha!! ung di ko mahiram pina photocopy ko tapos pina lbc!! i made my note cards between debates! sad! good luck to you dear!

twistedigest said...

ganyan kaya gawin ko? haha....I MISS YOU!!!!!!! yep, it's officially notecard time pag sembreak. :)