Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sa may QC: debate recap

After like a month of solitary confinement...i'm finally back. again. So, i'll skip the blah blah and i'll go straight to the point.

AdMu was great!!!!! the IISDC went well. Shivs and I (AdZU A) were the highest breaking provincial team, we broke at 3rd. For those of you who don't know what that means..after debating for seven rounds, at the break night (the night where they announce the teams that will move on to the octofinals), after Miriam and Xavier, we were the third team to break, out of 80+ British Parliamentary teams. This has been the highest rank that AdZU and possibly, Zamboanga, has ever reached. Weeeee!!!
Then, to the octos,and suprisingly, quarterfinals!!!!!! I was ecstatic!!!
Not bad for someone who just started debating last year. haha. Shivs was 3rd best speaker, beating more than a hundred debaters(woah). I was the 27th!!!! on my first national

But, we didn't make it to semifinals, but at least we managed to have a day for shopping!!!!

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Too bad i'm so beyond pokemon toys (that's treeko and sceptile). a gift shop @ glorietta

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(L-R: Camille, Me, Padz (with his killer smile),Tara, Shai, Shivs (my teammate))
Background: Irwin Theatre, the night of the finals.

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Ma'am Maggie and I. A petite woman with the heart of a saint (she's studying to be one btw)

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early morning boredome. Shot at the UP Hotel lobby

more to come>>>>> "Sa may QC: the after party", "feast day-palooza" and "ipod moments: the countdown begins".


tara said...

first of all.. nice banner! ang galign nang pagkakuha... hehe... when the hell did you take that? at bakit walang ibang tao sa pool? hehe...

then hmmm.. nice photos.. you have got to send me those... hehe...

congrats nga pala... ill be waiting for your next posts... ;)

twistedigest said...

when you guys were jumping one by one...ikaw lang yun nakuha ko perfect angle. hehehe. meron yan mga tao..di lang klaro. :)

i've already made the albums..keep posted nalang. :)

Tara said...

m currently viewing them!

if i only had the power to put you in blue eagle .. matagal ko nang ginawa... hehe :)

twistedigest said...

that's something that even i want. too bad (as i've mentioned this countless times), i can't take the pressure...but right now...i want it. i want it bad.

Tara said...

hehe... :P

kisha said...


twistedigest said...

sorry kish!!!!!

here's the deal:

shiv's and i went to glorietta (sp?) to buy pasalubong for you guys (u and justine) and we found cute little stuffed toys. hehe. but we forgot to buy it!!!! sorrrryyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!