Saturday, February 10, 2007

looking back...

13 school days more, and ,according to our moderator, we'll have our last exams for our entire high school career. Without a doubt, my last year has been the most fulfilling year i have experienced as a student!!!

What happened so far (non-chronological):

  • we shot a commercial/short story movie for lit by the beach, and made some "friends" with the money-makers there. read: sarcasm
  • we made a magazine that led us to have multiple pictorials in different locations:
  1. pasonanca river
  2. la vista del mar
  3. my house
  4. in school
  • doing the magazine (cover page's the same image i used for my blog banner), forced me be absent just to finish the layout
  • i learned MS Publisher overnight!!!! *never use MS word to do your f*cking layouts!!! :)*
  • i finally played a decent game of basketball for PE, for the FIRST time. haha
  • i finally made my first research paper on Incest and passed it without jeopardizing sleep that much.
  • i was part of the group that organized the first elections in our new campus
  • i've been to manila for a debate competition
  • i finally interacted with my other schoolmates in my batch
  • i got a 100 in my trigo periodic exam!!!
  • but had a couple 65's in my short quizzes. hahaha
  • i faced my fear and recited my elocution piece in front of the people i hate
  • i'm stuck between taking up economics or nursing
  • for the first time, i was a dj!!! haha..don't ask.
  • i cried for the first time in front of my classmates
  • we kinda skipped library work just to camwhore along the corridors in school
  • i feigned an aching shoulder because i thought there was a wound in my shoulder when hit theclassroom door pretty hard, but when i came down to the clinic and saw no wound, i just lied para hindi ako mapahiya. crazy me.
  • for the first time, my classmates went to my house to celebrate the fiesta/my pre-birthday bash

so far, yun pa lang yung naalala ko, but if i remember some things, i'll update it.

I can't believe Anna Nicole Smith died!!!!! the bitch died....shocking, really!!!!

I'm planning to publish a book this summer, a simple coffee table book, really, filled with photos. haha, just to reduce the boredome i'll probably have doing nothing.

So, there. :)


keeshia alyanna ^_^ said...

send me a FREE copy! haha! because that's what friends do.. they send each other free copies of their books!

you didn't sacrifce sleep?! HOW DID YOU MANAGE? haha!

i'm glad your last year is eventful.. it supposed to be naman diba?

twistedigest said...

how did i sacrifice sleep? i dunno...i finished most of my work in school..or i just wrote when i felt like it? haha

haha..sure!!! yup, it is supposed to be fun!!!

ezra said...

woot! i bet you had the greatest time in your life sa high school. :D too bad it has to end soon. at least memories will always be with you, no matter where you go. :)

twistedigest said...

yeah...memories are all i've got left once we leave. :) the same goes for you guys.

Rominuh said...

Haha, yeah.\, the bitch died. Bloghoppin ^^. I'll link you.

twistedigest said...

haha..thanks...i'll do the same. :)

tara said...

buti ka pa maalala mo lahat.. ako inde na.. kasi si _____ lang maalala ko haha joke :P angsaya ng 4th yr nuh! hehe

in reply to tara said...

here here!