Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The evolution of a pathetic writer

Well, after a commitment that i didn't have a hard time fulfilling, it finally paid off. My blog's officially a year old!!!! Haha..the evolution of a pathetic writer. basically, i started off as a person who has mediocrity in writing plastered on the forehead. Now, i've realized that, one of the things i love doing is writing. I've never been a member of the school paper, and prior to starting "thetwistedigest" (my blog's first name), my writing skills are below par. i've definitely made my niche in the blogosphere. blame debating for helping me improve my grammar. but still, expressing my self in this no-nonsense blog is more comfortable than actually speaking, but of course, debate's still a priority (pre-college that is! hahah).

What i've realized, after 12 months of posting semi-spontaneous thoughts, is that this blog isn't just an outlet of self-expression, but also an extension of your personality, your thoughts and the things that get muffled in the real world. haha..i really can't believe i've been a blogger for a year now. Unreal!!!!

Writing's my thing now. ^_^. I have no intentions of stopping. On to bigger and better horizons then. >woooooossshhhhhh>>>>


Tara said...

weee... happy boitday!:D

*me bad blogger.. me never greeted my blog happy birthday... hehe.. and to think 2 yrs old n sya..

kish said...

awww.. nag birthday na rin ako! nung jan.. that is if one includes my hiatus phase..

happy birthday! haha.. sleek evolution!

twistedigest said...

tara>>> we should plan a post-anniv for you then. hahaha

twistedigest said...

kish>>> happy anniv to us!!!!

...we have a LOT to talk about when we'll see each other next time!! can't wait to see you!!! mishu dear

Tara said...

wak na.. it doesnt matter much to me naman eh..hehe

gio said...