Tuesday, April 17, 2007

drowning in fanfiction

Maybe you're probably tired of me ranting about how summer's sucking the life out of me. We were SUPPOSED to go on a vacation this Saturday, in other words, i was manila - bound. But, dad had to go away for God knows how long, but he promised (?), that when he'll come back, we would go. sheesh, the jihad had to start a few days before vaction time. my dad's in Jolo, right now, doing God knows what. i'm relatively pissed at how things managed to crumble like that. even if we'll push through in May, it's still now the same. i think i've already ranted, in an earlier post (like, a summer ago!!! haha), that come May, every day will feel like a Sunday going on Monday. you get the idea. come to think of it, i dislike mondays as much as i dislike May.

So, to make my days worthwhile (please...), i decided reread Half-Blood Prince... and i watched the HP movies again. God, i was so bored that i even considered watching Legally Blonde. hahaha. the horror!!!!!! So, right now, i've been immersing myself with loads and loads of
FANFICTION. So, right now, i'm currently obsessed with the Ginny - Tom Riddle Jr. matchup!!! haha..it's strangely cute, in a twisted way. And i'm totally for the Hermione - Draco pairing as well.
but everyday's still a relatively dull day for me.


Tara said...

patience gio.. patience..

twistedigest said...

..is a virtue tara. i virtue that i haven't been gifted with. :))