Wednesday, April 11, 2007

'twas a caliente dia

it's becoming apparent that amidst a blogosphere of stagnant blogs and lazy webmasters, i'm as giddy as a British schoolboy!!! don't know why i said that. but anyway, to celebrate how blogs aren't objective playthings filled with random "smartsy - fartsy" stuff people usually put in friendster profiles to sound smart, another random post...

i tried my hand at making churros today! cue the "spanish harlems!". ok, i got that word from two of the performances during the not so via satellite feed of American Idol. ay caramba! i sound so muy caliente y bien espangol-ish!!! arriba!!! arriba!!! haha..pardon the thematic latin tone of this pretty much useless update on how i'm trying to do something new this summer...before i swim with the sharks that is.

next off, i just noticed how weird it's like living in a house with the matron being an AVON Franchise Manager, and two AVON Dealers (mom and aunt). A usual evening conversation gets a little.."straightforward". So, while i was gobbling up slivers of lechon for dinner, a cult member...sorry.."AVON Lady".. barges into the dining area asking, "Ti, taqui ya di mio order bra?".haha..ok, that's chavacano for "Madddeeeerrrr!!!! Where na my order bra???!!!!". ok, this is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point, don't you? Maybe i'm used to those kinds of conversations, but since i'm cooped up in this cage for more than a month, it gets kind of, weird. just think, my family's never going to have a normal, boring lazy afternoon conversation without the talk of the latest Anew Age Defying cream, or the Sheila Bra size 34 - A. THE HORROR!!!!!

So, ladies and gents, the theme for today is everything chavacano/latin. *this is getting kinda pathetic...somebody slap me (ayiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi....*slap*)*
God bless the churros. :)


[.MARCHiE.] said...

if there's anything that bridged my mom and my sis-in-law closer, that would be AVON. hahah. our home was once a station of the latest talks on the anew thing, believe me. *rolls eyes*

but they've moved on now..

nag-natasha na lang sila. :]

twistedigest said... products these days are the source for cults i tell you!!! haha..joke.