Thursday, March 18, 2010

a SPAM message

Dear Gio,

You and your friends have been going through a lot lately. People you know to be your friends (as far as friendly goes), have reared their pustule filled behinds and turned into dragon-faced pieces of dung, all in one week!!!!

I can't believe this started when you guys had your case presentation and defense. Well, since I don't pay attention much, I was oblivious to the hate messages calling you cheaters (I can't believe you still use SMS group messaging!), and the Facebook posts attacking you (Facebook? now you're talking!). Well, that was me a week ago, now I know (like duh). But what makes me laugh is the fact that these spineless retards don't have the BALLS to confront you and talk about what the fuck is their problem with us. Well, it makes me laugh...and pisses me off.

Wait I'm going off tangent here. Sorry, take-out noodles do that to me. Why were they mad at you in the first place? Was it just because your presentation schedule was slated for this week, instead of last week? And you were the only group to present this week? Well, don't hate me but I get where they're coming from, BUT (remember I'm still on your side), did they have the right to covertly wage war against you? I'd prefer if they did it the ghetto way and just wave their middle finger infront of you. So once again, spineless retards. (and you eventually presented last week! so there!)

It's sad that you once considered these people your friends. I mean, they're not really your "best friends" but at least you were OK with them since the beginning.

I could go on and on how these people are this and that...but I'm tired of the backbiting.
What separates them from you guys is the fact that you guys know when to stop and just move on with your lives. And I applaud your for that!

Remember that in life, you'll meet people like them, probably even worse. That's why I think you better have a thick skin when you leave college, or else the world will eat you alive. And you know what? I think it's good that this happened to you because at least now you know what to do. Think of it this way: you stepped on shit. now, you better clean your shoe and make sure this never happens again.

Consider this my last message. I hope I'll be writing to you under better circumstances. Remember, shake it off your shoulder (like them homies do back in the hood) and just keep walking.

Yours truly,

the guy in the mirror.

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Dee said...

nice ending.
and you're right. you can always consider this a lesson that you can learn from and never repeat in the future.