Wednesday, May 23, 2007

fearless forecast: the battle of the postscripts

i'm going to make a fearless forecast right now: BLAKE will win!!!!!!!! i've never rooted for a guy before (don't count season 2 'cause i didn't watch that season).

postscript: ok, after watching Jordin's final performance, she'll win!!!!!!!!!! i think. i hope. i dunno, they're both great!!!!!

another postscript: i knew it!!! haha..i knew Daughtry was going to perform at the finale!!!!!! *lalalala..i'm going home...lalala*

the most recent postscript: ok, jordin won!!!!! happy for her. to think she was 'constantly' being overshadowed by Melinda. but still, she won!!!! the finale song was lightyears better than last year's single/s (kat and taylor had their respective crappy songs). but blake's gonna go far though. it's pretty much obvious.


Tara said...

Go Blake!! lol

twistedigest said...

Go jordin!!!!!!! hahaha

vcky said...

i got so pishd to find out that melinda didn't get into the top two. :P blake yum yum!!!

twistedigest said...

melinda came off as too old and too gospel-ly...but she was good. yeah, too bad.