Wednesday, May 30, 2007


i'm back. i think. i'm still assessing the blogger in me if he still wants to blog. i'm still sane though!!!! well, 'sane' is word that's loosely put in my vocabulary. ok, so to try and remedy this situation...

shet. so madrama. haha. shit, why do i always sound gloomy in my posts? gloomy and so so boring. gahhhhhhhhh

anyway, i had a major epiphany this morning. an epiphany sooooooooo divine that LaVista would part ala the Red Sea and um..ok, back to the epiphany. here it is:
i finally made something 'complicated' using photoshop

*heavens parting. cherubims singing alelluya (sp?)*

yes, you heard that right. if
you , you, and you
know me that much, you would know that photoshop is my worst enemy..well, aside from html that is. i suck to the lowest degree that i could've singlehandedly made a new benchmark for "sucking at the language of tech". but lo and behold, the heavens took pity on my carcass, and there you go. so, the clamor to make something from photoshop arose when camille told me to make a collage for her, and give it to her (along with the pictures), before she leaves for brgy. 'One Big Fight'.... 'nuff of that. so....viola

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it's funny how the 'move' button was always there and i never thought it could actually 'move' the pictures into one canvas.'s ze idiot talking.

well, i already experimented with photoshop before but i had limited 'experience' with it. the results were ok. um, these were supposed to be my multiply banners, but the html idiot in me took over and, let's just say, it's 'a work in progress'. ^_^

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

TWISTURBIA's my alice's wonderland. zut. that's it. i think i did good. i should be an aesthetician. haha. no, better yet, i should tell my parents that i wanna take up multimedia somethin' somethin' outside zamboanga. i think i'll do good.


when pigs will sport angel wings and sing 'Regina Celli'.


Flisha said...

gio if you want to take up an animation program outside of ZC (if in ZC better take up BSIT in ADZU) make it la salle or ateneo de naga.

ateneo de naga most often wins national animation/multimedia competitions, followed by la salle. adzu hasn't won yet but we also provide some stiff competition. :)

twistedigest said...

oohhh...ganun ba? haha. that sounds tempting, but i've already mapped out my course (my parents actually..)..and nursing na ako sa adzu. :)

xiaoPOW! said...

You can take one of the non degree crash courses at the CSB Design and Art Institute :3

it's chica, promise. glass enclosures galore, you dress like an airport shushalite!

twistedigest said...

hmm..i would still like it if there's a degree involved. lol. an airport shushalite? haha..i wish. lately, people have been calling me emo, prolly because of my hair. grrr...haha

kishy said...

oOoh.. hay.. you should take it up as a hobby gi.. enroll in workshops.. if you can't follow your bliss fully di partial na lang! diba?! =p

ROBIN said...

hi gio, nice blog... miss you dyan.. balita ko si jad war freak pa rn?? hehe.. well.. un blog mo... ganda... hehe.. kaso well.. i cant look at it too much.. you know why.. pero well, i did.. hehe one day i hope youll be one of the webmasters of St. Johns official website.. hehe.. gawin natin yun ha??... take care dyan.. BERCHMANS til d last minute!!! hehe..