Sunday, June 07, 2009


in my last post, I mused on about how I craved for california maki, and how I hoped my mom would take us out to ATOA and make us (notice how I use 'us' to mask how I don't want to be branded as a pig. wait, now I blew my cover) happy.

Well, we didn't go out since apparently my mom is dead tired and all she wants right now is a massage. BUT she did surprise me with....


California maki and sushi from our friends at Rustan's Fresh!!! OK, so it's the first time to see something like maki ready to eat from the store, so this is something big for this ignorant Zamboangueno. The dish actually came with it's own sauce in an easy-squeeze plastic bottle (ingenious!), and a minute dollop of wasabe which I don't really care for, AND the little green thing which is traditionally set as a garnish.

easy squeezy lemon peezy. ingenuity at its best

wait, are my posts becoming too one-dimensional and monotonous? who cares, as long as I got my maki and ate it too.


Tara said...

huwaw! LUCKY

G said...

yeah..parang serendipity talaga...haha