Saturday, June 06, 2009

a near perfect day

let today be remembered as the day i finally tasted another resto's version of california maki.

...and let's not forget, i got to spend quality time with Jad, MJ, Riez and Jam. Five friends, one near perfect day.

So we ate lunch at Eureka, which is apparently more of an "annex" of the Palmeras' main restaurant than an established Japanese resto. The reason I said that is because almost everyone who goes there orders a bilao, lechon kawali etc., fare unusual for a Japanese restaurant.

I actually have no idea what the yellow stuff on top is.

will the tastier ebi tempura please stand up?

I concluded that most of the people who go there are actually after the ambiance of an intimate dining experience, rather than real Japanese food. I have no idea if I'm still being impartial, but Eureka's and ATOA's tonakatsu, ebi tempura, and california maki taste almost the same... down to the sauce! So, if you're after a more elaborate fare of Japanese, you might as well try ATOA.

sinful. lechon kawali served as it is: salty and fatty

(BUT I have to concede that Palmeras is actually in my top 2 of the places that serve the best bilaos in the city. If you feel all Hannah Montana, you might as well have "the best of both worlds")

Afterwards, we went and played cards at Jad's house. There were consequences,*hic*,of course.
I actually feel that I'm getting better at beating the pros. MJ made apple pie (shit! I don't have a picture of it! argghhhhh..) which was tart and tasty and pretty darn good. I won't go in to the details of what happened afterwards, since it only involved us (minus MJ) going to the grocery and Jad getting locked out of his own home because he forgot the key inside. He had to go to the neighbor and jump over their wall so he could let me in since I also left my camera inside. But of course, I'm not going to elaborate on that.

as of this writing, I'm actually craving for california maki. Oh well, mom's arriving from Manila tomorrow and maybe we could go out. *fingers crossed*

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