Friday, May 29, 2009

Archie proposes!


apparently the cover says it all!!!!!!!!! What drove Archie to the brink of insanity? Throughout my years of reading their digest, I always thought Archie and Betty, despite the Betty and Veronica constantly "sharing" Archie on dates. I actually remember one cover which literally depicts a tug-of-war between Betty and Veronica (the one and the other I always say..haha) with Archie at the middle of it all, frantic and confused. Poor Betty...she was always the saint....:(

I am dead-set on buying that issue no matter what it takes!!!! It'll be on sale on Sept 1, 2009, which means I have enough time to save for an online purchase. The issue sells for $2.50, which roughly converts to 120 Php, which is relatively reasonable.


Giselle said...


I will always be a fan of the Archie/Betty tandem!

Dee said...

yeah i blogged about this too. :(
btw about the tug of war cover, i actually read that issue, and in the story, archie was literally torn in half, so each girl now had half an archie to herself. hahaha. but roni was not satisfied with her half and plotted to get betty's, while betty, like that mother from the king solomon story, felt heartbroken for poor archie and decided that she would rather see him whole and not hers than like that. so she put the halves back together. so yeah you're right. betty's a saint.

G said...

@ dee: i breaks my heart...:(

G said...

@ giselle: we should make an online petition (if there isn't any yet)