Sunday, May 03, 2009

a taste of Speedy

I've heard about Speedy Pizza before, but I never tried it because I resigned to the fact that it's just another one of the "canteen variants" out there. But since my classmates couldn't stop raving over Speedy after trying it recently, I decided to try it for myself and see what the hype is all about.

So yesterday when my mom and I were in town, I brought her along with me and we went to the place located among the strip of stores near Southway (i dunno the name of the street though). First impressions of the place: again, very quaint, with chairs and tables and flies. At least it was air conditioned. I could now see why some of my friends would prefer ordering the pizza for take-out. The place doesn't really look clean and comfy. Come 3pm, the store's peak hours, the place looks cramped. I also inwardly cringed was when a fly landed on the tip of the ketchup tube.

They could at least revamp the layout of the menu or at least streamline it, with pictures and better arrangement of the choices. But enough about that! So we ordered the Supreme 1 (cheese, bell peppers, chicken, etc). Was I right in saying that it's just another canteen variant? At first bite, yeah. both of us exchanged looks at read: "Uh, ok..". And we just smiled.

But after a few bites, I can somehow understand where my friends were coming from when they told me they liked it.

True enough, it was prepared with no frills. The chewy crust and the cheese actually saved the day. I have no idea how the chicken pieces were prepared but it felt that it was too dry. The onions and the bell pepper were crisp and crunchy, giving the dish the texture it needed. The sauce was sweet/savory, though I wish they could make it more authentic by using fresh tomatoes next time. I'm not sure if the taste is distinct (thus, canteen variety), but the simple, Masa appeal gave it the charm it needed. Let's just say that the pizza is a breath of fresh air from the expensive choices Greenwich offers. They could take a few pointers from the authentic Italian pizza joints who still keep everything simple but really mouthwatering. They should keep the image they have, but a few modifications in their menu choices (ditch the beef loaf!!!!!) wouldn't hurt. It was a plus that the pizza didn't look greasy at all, so the guilt doesn't really sink in. All in all, the pizza was good/decent and we managed to finish 4 slices each, so that must say something.

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Tara said...

haha namiss ko yan. we used to order nyan. i really like their pizza. hehe