Friday, May 08, 2009

Tom Yum is the root of all evil

what's fucking wrong with me?

a few minutes ago, I practically evicted a whole family (my uncle, aunt and two cousins) from my room because baby cousin almost spilled my Tom Yum. Then I grudgingly gave/handed it to uncle which already sent waves of terror through the room. Fat younger cousin then took it and slurped away. Then uncle, sensing the simmering tension in the atmosphere, took the baby and went out with wife...but not before I saw the mess fat younger cousin made on my table. Then I started verbalizing my chagrin with my voice raised and practically strangled the roll of tissue and yanked of a long piece. Then I muttered some stuff and one thing led to the other...I found myself a few steps behind uncle and as he went out of the doorway, I slammed it and locked it, yelling some stuff about privacy and peace.

All because of Tom Yum?!!

This kinda proves two things: My conscience which kicked me in the ass a few seconds after is very much intact...and a theory that not enough sleep makes me cranky. And I really some sleep right now. I feel so bad!!!!

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Marlon said...

tsk..tsk.. it's never good to lose your cool. Yeah, i think it's the sleep thing. get some ore rest. That gets me sometimes too.