Thursday, January 28, 2010

'Barney' Girl tries out on Idol

When I was growing up I never really appreciated Barney (the fat purple dinosaur), except for this one time I learned the 'Color Song' but that's about it. So that was long time ago and probably those kids who were singing, dancing and gyrating with him ought to be around 18 - 20 something already. Imagine that one of them, Erica Rhodes, now actually turned out for the Dallas auditions for American Idol. Good for her, you know, carrying on the tradition of singing and spreading love and joy all around.

And did I mention she dressed up as a dominatrix? She grew up, uh-huh. haha

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Dee said...

omg i just saw this on TV. it's so not fair that AI shows at 1030pm here in SG.