Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Birth of Blog

I've been scrambling for two days now - looking for new blog templates, thinking of a new title, and making sense of XML altogether.

OK, I must have lived under a rock for some reason, because the idea of XML (and its difference with HTML), confounds me. Well, needless to say I like how it works since it kinda makes my blogging experience easier and less complicated. Thanks Dee for the tip!!!! (BTW, how do you get your own domain name? i mean, a name without the .blogspot part??)

So the impetus that made me think of overhauling the blog is well, stuff that happened to me in the past few days.

Basically to put it in perspective, the emotional baggage that I've been carrying around for the past few months has been finally laid to rest..

Long story short, I've finally let go of the NewsMag.

And it made a world of difference.

All the negativity, all the pessimism, all the drama (personal drama that is) finally gone. And for better or for worse, I am looking forward to doing really good in school for the remaining months. Because two more semesters and I am finally graduating and I want to make every day count.

Obviously I can't think of a tangible way to translate this newfound 'freedom' into school work (not yet anyway), so I've been giving this a lot of thought and I finally decided to give my blog a facelift...and a new identity. It may be shallow but right now, the shallowness works!

I've been juggling a few ideas and writing down whatever brilliant word (self-indulgent i know) comes to mind. I wanted the blog to reflect a mood, feeling or emotion that speaks of not just this feeling I have but of an identity that I want to assume.

...Impromtu. Deconstructed. Easy-going. Casual. Happy. Glee. Informal. Simple. Straightforward. Catharsis. Release. Easy Reading. Farting from the keyboard (major LOL). Gio actually blogs. Typing easy. Off-the-record. Writing impromptu. Easy Writing.


"Typing off-the-record"

Sounds nice.

"spontaneous, impromptu, deconstructed and all the things in between".

Even better.


Dee said...

you're welcome! love your new blog - the template, title and the description. good job!

i bought my domain from it's cheaper there, only 10 usd per year while on other sites it's more expensive.

btw, i think you need to resubscribe to flisha's blog, it's no longer updating its feed on your sidebar. i had to do the same swhen she switched from blogger to wordpress.

good luck on your new life! :)

G said...

thank you so much! haha.hmm..will do. but it's become a problem of mine that there are some links on my sidebar that don't update themselves. like tabulas websites for example. is there something wrong?

Dee said...

erm... I have no idea. I just resubscribe when I get that error. ehehe.