Sunday, December 12, 2010

gadget reveal

Riding home after buying my new phone yesterday, I thought about how similar my two gadgets are and because I'm my own psychologist and philosopher, I had my lightbulb moment.

I own a Panasonic Lumix GF1, a crazy little camera called a Micro Four-Thirds. Don't ask me what that means because I was so crazy for the camera that I never really bothered wondering what it was before buying it. OK, I'm joking. But the point is that this baby packs a sensor and capabilities that can rival a DSLR. In most respects I think it's really like a DSLR sans the bulk (and a mirror according to my readings). I love this camera to death because it's unobtrusive, easy to carry around, and most of the time, the pictures are stellar. I just wish I had optical zoom though, since its kit lens doesn't zoom and it doesn't have optical image stabilizer.


Two days ago I couldn't turn my old phone on, even after charging it for a few hours already. Since this isn't the first time my phone failed me, my mom and I decided to buy a new (albeit cheap) one. So after considering the big bulky ones with the QWERTY keypad and even a touchscreen (BUT I don't care for touchscreen phones though), I decided to get this....



This may look like your run-of-the-mill Nokia, but this new release actually has a touch screen AND the basic candy bar tactile keypad. I can access my facebook and twitter easily since this already has WIFI. It also sports 3G, Maps and Ovi (not that I understand what this is). And it's light weight, sleek and it doesn't scream for attention. I guess I can have the best of both worlds with this!

Anyway, given my taste for these particular gadgets, I sort of arrived at some conclusions about myself:

1. I like to keep a low profile (not that I didn't know this already)
2. Given plenty of options to buy a DSLR and a smart phone with a touch screen and Android ready, I guess I'm really not the person who likes takes drastic changes really well and I prefer being on the fence about some things.
3. I like to compromise
4. I like to keep things simple, easy, and most of the time fool-proof.
5. This isn't really a description but I think the phrase "So near yet so Far"/ "Almost there" still applies. Does this mean I'm half-baked? I hope not.

Some of these things I already know, some I'm not sure if I'm going to take seriously. Either way I'm having fun with both my camera and phone so I'm not complaining!