Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my holiday song list

I didn't realize that I was neglecting my blogging duties already. It's supposed to be the holidays and since we're all in the mood, I'm going to write holiday themed posts from now until the end of the festivities.

What better way to remember Christmas than with music? My proverbial LSS's would be songs from my mom's CDs. It has a really nice R&B version of "Hark The Herald", so it's too bad I can't post the song/singer profile right now since I don't know where the CD is and my mom's fast asleep right now. Next would have to be..*shudder* Mariah Carey's version of "All I want for Christmas". I'm not really a Mariah fan but my mom constantly plays the song (it's her favorite) that I sort of always remember it now. It's the holidays right? So I think it's not a crime to admit that Mariah is your LSS.

This year I'm glad there are some really great Christmas songs from Glee + Coldplay. These songs are practically the hallmark of my holidays because they're really I guess this is the part where I count them off:

and this non-Glee song is probably my favorite since I love Coldplay and the song struck a nerve:

edit: AND!!! I just discovered this literally a few minutes ago! I didn't know the Coke commercial's theme song was sung by Train! It's pretty good! (I can't say amazing since I just heard it once, so it'll take time for it to grow on me)

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Dee said...

Baby It's Cold Outside is my fave christmas tune now, thanks to Glee. :)