Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Call me a frustrated fan

In it's first season...I was never hooked until the remaining weeks they had left. I never actually had the ability to distinguish Chix from Cass until I finally saw her(Chix) in the cover of their official magazine.
Of course, I'm talking about Pinoy Big Brother. Specifically, I guess I'm already hooked on their celebrity edition. The title of course is Pinoy Big Brother celebrity edition. duh.
Of course I need to study Angela's and Gretchen's facial characteristics before I could distinguish them. And of course, Mich is the "round" one.lol.
But the people that really captured my attention in the house was Rico Robles and Roxy Barcelo. I just don't know, pero kinilig ako! lol. But really, at first, hindi ko ma picture out sila together, but recently, inaabangan ko talaga ang susunod nilang mga moments. Call me a frustrated fan...but I see no harm in them being together...And in fact, I like it! Well, I guess love has a way of attracting people together, although they don't want to be together in the first place. Ako lang man to siguro ang may gusto sa tambalan nila...Am I alone? (DO ANSWER ME BACK!). Love is in the air...love is in the air....Love Love Love Love Love
Tomorrow is VDay and, I still don't know what to give my crush......all the love in the world perhaps....
In the spirit of all things mushy and sweet..I've decided to post ONE WEEK's Worth of Love posts...I'll try lang ha.From Feb 14 to 20....watch for it...can you help me decide on a title?
*twisted note* KEANNA REEVES DESERVES TO STAY IN THE HOUSE! VOTE FOR HER! GO! but that's my opinion....

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