Friday, February 17, 2006

prom woes

As of tomorrow, things will probably be different. Tomorrow, all the stars, celebrities, paparazzi and those wannabes bring come together in an event so glamorous that even Oscar will be green with envy. No, it isn't the Oscars. Scratch the thought of the BAFTA. Ladies and gentlemen...
I'm talking about my first prom. (I was being sarcastic when I said stars will be there.)
Well, Candy has their prom special, 2Bu has sections devoted to prom (I totally digged their section on attires the guys can wear), and every friggin' mag or newspaper which cares has these articles devoted to girl's gowns, make-up tips, ugly models, the list goes on forever....
So I thought, why not have a post dedicated to the event which everybody (well, my classmates) can't stop talking about? You see, at my school, and I guess every other school who cares, The JS prom is synonymous to gowns, glitz, glamour, transformation, and all things social in nature. But, the main question is, WHAT PROM?
You see, although we WERE supposed to practice our routine of the JS, we didn't even get a chance to practice with our partners for God's sake. They said we were going to have a night dedicated to social dances (bye bye disco), but did we actually get a chance to properly practice with all the things ready, such as positions, and most importantly PARTNERS!.
Incidentally, we did get to get a feel on what these dances might be, courtesy of our PE teacher. No, it's not the girl, it's the guy. I feel a tingling sensation coming on....(Ohhhh.....)...Mr Erwin "Shake that booty" Pelayo, gladly showed us cha cha, swing and waltz. Who knew a man of that caliber could move with so much grace that resembled the moves of those professional DI's? Well, you may ask, "sure, but the feeling of prom must be obvious as of now?". My answer: NO! It was just this lunch time that I said to Jad Jad that I really couldn't believe that prom would be tomorrow! (And to cap it all of...My mom and Dad aren't here). So here I am, stuck.
What's on my mind right now: To shave or not to shave?, How the hell am I supposed to use the friggin' tie?, was the gate pass for us or for the sundo? I wasn't listneing kasi eh.
Am I still going to post a valentine article on my blog?? I can't believe I'm going to dance with her!, Should I ask her to dance?, If my partner is going to go to the CR, am I still going to go with her until the outside? AHHHHH!!!!
What's on my heart right now: "Will I ask her to dance with me?" hearbeat...heartbeat...heartbeat..... prom.......uhh......ok?
can someone relate?

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